Seek medical guidance before traveling. Bring any personal medication required. Anti-malaria tablets and mosquito repellent are essential. Seek advice on vaccinations and inoculations that may be required. Travel from some African countries requires a Yellow Fever inoculation. Drink bottled or boiled water only. Medical services, especially up-country, are basic. Ensure your travel insurance includes medical coverage. We suggest that you contact your doctor or check with or 
Safe travel has generally been part of East African countries for decades and tourism is flourishing well. All governments have taken security as top priority and there is a minimum or no cases of insurgency. As a private company, we cannot guarantee the general regional security especially in neighboring countries. We, however, keep checking with security organizations /other stakeholders as we believe your safety is of importance to us and it’s our responsibility to keep you updated.
You may get in contact for updates and we also encourage you to keep checking with the consular advice provided by respective governments.
With the increased level of security, economies have grown steadily leading to the rampant development of big cities. This certainly has resulted into a number of unemployed youth in some parts of the towns who in turn have become security threats (petty thieves). You therefore need to take all the normal precautions in terms of your money and valuables. Do not move with huge amounts of money or any valuables on the streets and ask the hotel/guides what is relevant while going out for day’s excursions. Most hotels have notes on safe walking areas, if not availed to you, please ask at the front desk or Adventure Consults’ guide.
General Pre-Travel Information
It is difficult to sum up the purity, naturalness, magnitude, and diversity of East Africa’s tourism options into a few words.    Read More

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