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The infamous COVID-19 has profoundly affected all corners of the economy worldwide. In light with this, the Rwanda Development board (RDB) has decided to aggressively promote on the African continent as well as to the international market by offering more incentives to make travel more affordable. In a document signed by Chief Executive Officer of RDB,  Clare Akamanzi stated that;


  1. Tourists who are citizens of any African country, a promotional rate of USD 500 shall be applied for each mountain Gorilla tracking permit provided the traveler has got official identification documents at the time of booking confirmation. Other than the rate being valid until end of May 2021, there are no more conditions attached.
  1. All international tourists (non-African citizens), travelling in groups of 100 or more, , a promotional rate of USD 500 shall be applied for each mountain Gorilla tracking permit with the following conditions.
  1. Guests spend a minimum of 7 days in the country and spend at least 3 nights in any of the national parks or hotels adjacent to the parks.
  2. Dates are not changed and no refund in an event there’s a cancellation, except for medical reasons and presentation of medical certificate including COVID 19 travel restrictions by specific countries.

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