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About 2 years ago, Uganda received two Bombardier CRJ900 jets marking the official comeback for the East African country's national carrier. It’s on record that the country’s Uganda Airlines hit the air traffic in August 2019 for the first time since 2001.

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As Uganda continues to manage the impacts of COVID19 and welcome visitors to the various destinations around the country, Adventure Consults is excited to announce the new promotional rates that were effective from 1st December 2020.  Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) introduced festive season price discounts that will run until end of March 2021. 

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The infamous COVID-19 has profoundly affected all corners of the economy worldwide. In light with this, the Rwanda Development board (RDB) has decided to aggressively promote on the African continent as well as to the international market by offering more incentives to make travel more affordable. In a document signed by Chief Executive Officer of RDB,  Clare Akamanzi stated that;

Head Office

Kampala – Uganda
Namugongo-Janda, New City Road, House N70.
Tel; Office; +256 (0) 312 108 260,
                   +256 (0) 392 000 523.

Rwanda Contact

BP 122 KIGALI Rwanda.
Tel: +250 (0) 788 825 559
       +250 (0) 785 220 831
       +256 (0) 772 657767

USA Contact

Jane Behrend
Emerging Destinations
+1 404-993-6116  
Skype:  JaneBehrend

Jessie Tate |

Cell/WhatsApp | +1-770-377-8892 (ET) Skype | jessie.bligh

Talk to the team – 24/7

Brian N Mugume; +256 (0) 772 657767,
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Emanuel Sibomana +250 (0) 785 220 83.

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