Mabamba Bay Half Day Birding

Mabamba Bay Ecotourism site is one of the Important Bird Areas (RAMSER sites) in Uganda popularly as the home for shoebill stork.
An extensive marsh stretching through a narrow and long bay fringed with papyrus towards the main body of Lake Victoria - the only swamp close to Kampala where one can easily find the globally-threatened Shoebill stork (Balaeniceps rex).
The site supports an average of close to 190,000 birds and is part of the wetland system which hosts approximately 38% of the global population of the Blue Swallow (Hirundo atrocaerulea), as well as the globally-threatened Papyrus Yellow Warbler and other birds of global conservation concern.
Adventure Consults’ Birding guide will pick you from the airport/hotel and take an hours’ drive to wetland/swamp where you will spend some time with the Birders’ ‘Gentle Shoebill stork’. Here you will get on a canoe for a close encounter, giving you the best opp. for photography. As you drive to/from the Mabamba, please keep an eye out for more interesting and rare Bird species. Your journey could be interrupted with relevant stops, not only for Birds but interact with the friendly local communties. Return to Entebbe/Kampala in the afternoon, drop off at a place of your choice.

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