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kampala city

Kampala has fascinating history and some very impressive cultures. Over the past couple of decades, Kampala has morphed into a vibrant city with a lot to offer ranging from the beautiful equatorial weather (sunny all year through interrupted with unplanned short rains BUT even when it rains, the raindrops are warm!). 

Uganda’s fascinating capital Kampala, is a city of striking contrasts. Originally perched dramatically on 7 hills, many more hills have now been developed and the city has expanded.

In Kampala, there’s always something to see or do! Whether you are a first time visitor, second time, or probably a returning resident who left in the 70s or 90s, you will find Kampala exciting. The city offers activities for all visitor categories and ages ranging from museums, galleries, theatres, all categories of restaurants, shopping malls, local fresh food markets, craft shops, numerous bars and night clubs that operate 24/7.

Your visit to Uganda is incomplete without a historical and cultural tour of Kampala that covers some of the most iconic and world heritage sites (Kasubi tombs and Namugingo Martyrs shrine) and many others that offer rich and living history.

Choosing where to go and what to see in Kampala can be daunting. So Adventure Consults’ wide range of Kampala cultural tour takes you through the highlights.

Kampala city is approximately one hour drive from Entebbe airport via a new express highway. When you get into the city, traffic can be terrible but our guides have mastered their back-roads and where possible, traffic can be dodged without affecting your city tour experience. 

Kabaka’s palace (Lubiri).

Lubiri is the official residence of the King of Buganda. Culturally and back in time, a new Buganda King, Read More


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