Gorilla Habituation Experience

gorilla habituation

Only 2 Gorilla families in the world can be accessed for Gorilla Habituation experience! Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, has got different sections for Gorilla tracking. The more endowed, less visited and more green southern part of the park offers this unique approach of visiting the endangered giants. Unlike the normal tracking where you spend one hour with the Gorillas, here you spend about 4 hours and exercise is limited to 4 guests per day. This is an added benefit to any primate enthusiast and photographers at all levels. Limited guest numbers means a relaxed and less congested walk/viewing and extended 4 hour interaction with the Gorillas, gives the best opportunity for the best images ever!

Your day starts early in the morning (about 6am), join the research team, detailed briefing and head out to the impenetrable forest. The terrain is steep, sometimes muddy and slippery especially on a rainy day, so you need to be relatively fit and in good health. When you get to the Gorilla family, your guide will take you through an in-depth explanation of how Gorilla behave, watch them as they groom and play with the young ones. The thrill of spending time with and observing these gentle giants is a rare and moving adventure that will leave you with long lasting memories. No doubt, it’s a once in a lifetime Adventure. Gorilla Habituation Experience can be part of the long trip or can be an independent adventure. Get in touch and our safari specialist will be of help with more info on itineraries and pricing to suite your interests and available time.

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