A day with the Batwa-Pygmy Community

batwa elders

The Batwa Experience is a living history unlike any other. A new initiative takes Uganda's Batwa/Pygmies back into the land they lost to conservation by sharing their lifetime experiences with Adventure Consults’ guests. The historical nomadic hunter-gatherers are widely acknowledged to have been the first human residents of forest areas stretching across much of what is now Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s a hands-on, mind-opening adventure you will never forget. Trail up the mountain slopes to get a rare glimpse into this unusual pygmy tribe as your interpreter helps you understand their medicinal plant use and beliefs. You will see how they lived and hunted, learn about medicinal plants, and watch for animals and birds. You will share a traditional meal, listen to the ancient legends and traditional songs, and join in on a mock hunting party. You can even test your skill with a Batwa bow and arrow and participate in traditional dances.

A visit to the Batwa is part of all or most of our Gorilla trips but special/long stay programs can be arranged. Get in touch!

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