We had a wonderful time while in Uganda. Adventure Consults’ guide and staff did such a nice job and were so attentive to our needs. The Primate experience was amazing!
Mr & Mrs Gorley, USA (Atlanta).
Our trip comes to an end today, it was the memorable \"trip of a lifetime\" that we hoped it would be. Thanks for everything you did to organize it and keep it on track. I spent time with Brian yesterday and said the same thing to him. His team of guides with us was terrific.\r\nThanks again,',
Kathy, Audrey and Joe – USA
It exceeded our expectations
Bruce Stewart, USA
The trip was fantastic! Oh how I loved it. The animals, the kill, the people, the stars. I had never been on a tour. I always travel alone. Everyone was wonderful. The truck was full of laughter and knowledge….I can go on and on. Thanks so much!',
Judy Van Evera
5 out of 5, Amazing, every other trite expression to describe a wonderful trip.... Donna and I are so thrilled with what we were able to experience words can\'t describe. We saw everything we had hoped for and more. Weather was perfect (thanks for that!). Alfredo was a pleasure to work with and the tour company was wonderful.
We are filled inside with a million pictures and memories of multiple wildlife experiences. Johannes and I enjoyed our Africa trip very much, in part also because Alfredo is such an excellent leader; calm and composed with a wonderful sense of humor, treating group members with \'special needs\' the same as people who travel \'lightly\
Seraina Gessler
The trip was utterly fantastic! I can\'t believe it took me so long to see such a marvelous continent, it's animals and plants and peoples! I am ready to return.
Dan Cress
It was amazing! One of the best trips I ever had! The animals were everywhere and it was so green and beautiful.
Shannon Taylor
These past two weeks in Africa were absolutely some of the most thrilling of Jim’s and my lives. The trip was beyond expectation in so many ways.
Dian Castle
It was FANTASTIC!!! William Gateja - Adventure Consults’ guide - Couldn’t have had a better driver and trip guide. He personally selected the porters for us so we would have the best. He knew the guides for the gorillas (Bosco), Akagera (Godfrey), and for the Chimps (Daniel). I wouldn’t doubt that he personally selected them too. Adventure Consults paid for our meals & drinks at the hotels!! We didn’t expect this and it was a pleasant surprise. (Mary Jo and I paid for our own beer. Ha!). One of the best trips ever. I am eternally grateful to you.
Michele Semin, USA.

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